Service Banner

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Service Banner

This 8"x14" dyed banner comes mounted on a crossbar with gold cord & tassel. This standard is displayed by family members of a person serving in the Armed Forces during a period of war. Organizations and businesses with personnel serving in the armed forces may also be display the Service Banner. 

History of the Service Banner: The tradition of the Service Banner dates back to World War I. Mothers of young soldiers hand stitched red, white, and blue banners to hang in their windows as a sign that a loved one had gone to fight in the war. The banner design was simple, a white flag with a red border and a single blue star for each family member in Service. One, two and three stars were common, but each flag could hold up to six stars. This tradition was later extended to the wives and families of service men serving during the war. This tradition encountered a huge resurgence in World War II and again during the Korean War. Even during Desert Storm some U.S. ships sent service flags to the families of everyone aboard. 
The banner was designed by Captain R.L. Queisser and copyrighted in 1917. The copyright has since passed to the US Department of Defense, which regulates its manufacture. Also available is a Vinyl Decal (suitable for outdoor use).

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