U.S. Indoor Presentation Sets - Desktop

made in Usa
U.S. Indoor Presentation Sets - Desktop

The finest quality! We offer two sizes of indoor American Flag desktop sets.

  • The Envoy Set features a printed 4"x6" size flag with gold fringe and decorative cord & tassels. This set features a gold styrene staff with spear top and a gold weighted base.

Our larger American Flag desktop indoor sets have a 8"x12" American flag with golden fringe, walnut finish wooden staff and base, and decorative golden cord and tassels.

  • Our impressive Presidential Set features:  8"x12" Nylon American flag with sewn stripes and embroidered stars and a brass plated metal eagle ornament top.  
  • Our beautiful Ambassador Set features: 8"x12" Rayon printed American flag, gold spearhead ornament, 5" antique gold-plated eagle on the base.  

These sets are perfect for offices, churches, schools, courtrooms, etc.

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