Virginia State Flag

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Virginia State Flag

Flags Unlimited offers the Virginia flag in several sizes and materials. From 4"x6" up to 12'x18'. Flags are available in durable nylon and strong polyester2 material. We also offer complete indoor flag sets with an 8' pole!

Virginia voted to ratify the U.S. Constitution and became the 10th state on June 25th, 1788. The flag of Virginia displays the Seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia against a brilliant azure blue field. The flag we see today representing Virginia was finally standardized on February 1st, 1950. The original seal makers wished to ensure that they avoided any style of coat-of-arms that was used in Great Britain, and during the time—roughly 1776, admiration for the Roman Republic was strong. A female figure personifying the Roman virtue of Virtus—or Valor, is shown on the flag standing in a pose indicating her battle is already won. She is resting on a long spear, its point to the ground. Tyranny is represented by the body laying beneath her foot, representing Great Britain's defeat by Virginia. The motto, Sic semper tyrannis means in English: "Thus always to tyrants."

NOTE: Indoor flags are made-to-order, so please allow 2-3 weeks before your order will ship.

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