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Free Shipping for orders $100 or more (excludes flagpoles). Learn More

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Are you from another country or preparing to visit one? Maybe you’re in the midst of an international country project for a class or looking for quality visual aids to help facilitate a lesson for younger children. Whatever your needs are, our large collection of country flag patches offers 39 finely designed options.

From Argentina to Wales, these patches are sized at 2.25” x 3.5”. They’re digitally embroidered for precise details so that every country’s official flag is accurately represented. Each patch has a gold border, so they can be used for professional applications as well. You can either iron or sew your world patches on depending on your preference. Apply them onto jackets, hats, pants, t-shirts, and other materials that can be ironed or sewn. If you’re a traveler, you may wish to collect a patch from each of the countries you’ve been to. You could even create a display for them in your home. They’re also a wonderful, easy way to celebrate your heritage or home country. If your family has origins in Ireland, for instance, the Ireland Flag Patch would be a unique accessory to wear and tell others about. These world patches could also be great tactile objects for children to learn about the flags of different countries. The embroidery adds to the tactility of the international patches, which could help them remember the colors and shapes on the flags. If you’re a clothing designer, patches are a great way to add personality to your items. Plus, our international patches are priced to fit any budget, so even the smallest of apparel brands could make use of our patches. When the Olympic Games return, our country patches could be a great favor for guests or part of a fun game at a viewing party.

Whether you’re gifting, teaching with, or collecting the country patches, they open up a world of possibilities. If we do not have a specific country that you’re looking for, please contact us and we’ll work with your requests. If you have any other questions about our international flag patches, please contact us by email or phone at 1-800-989-3524.