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In-ground flagpoles are a classic way to display flags for residential and commercial areas alike. We offer several different types of flagpoles to match your specific needs, including sectional, internal halyard, and telescoping.

Our sectional in-ground flagpoles are put together using pole sections, making them easy to assemble. We offer these in durable aluminum, steel, and fiberglass options. The 18 foot All-American Flagpole comes as a kit, including our superior steel pole made with a wall thickness of 18 gauge. The poles are powder coated as well to protect against peeling and corrosion. A ball topper, halyard, clips, and 3’x5’ US nylon flag are included. Choose from either black or bronze poles to match with your space’s colors. Taller and shorter sectional flagpoles are available as well, with some at 10’ and others scaling up to 20’. Several other flag kits include sectionals, all of which also have everything you need to get your flag hung up.

If you’d prefer in-ground flagpoles with a little more security, the internal halyard options will be perfect for you! These are designed with an internal winch mounted inside the pole shaft. These can only be moved with a removable crank handle. The winch itself is gearless and self-locking, eliminating the need for a separate brake. This way, only you will be able to access your flag. Everything you need to hang one flag is included with the internal halyard flagpoles. These aluminum poles come in a satin finish and range from 20’x5” to 80’x12.”

For our easiest flagpole to assemble, the telescoping options are a snap to put together. With no ropes, chains, or pulleys, these flagpoles expand and fold down easily. Thanks to a polycarbonate brushing finish, our aluminum 20’ telescoping flagpoles automatically lock in place when extended, so no locking holes or twist. They also come with a 3’x5’ US nylon flag, so you’ll be ready to go as soon as you get your package. We also offer a fiberglass telescoping flagpole in 15’ or 21’ sizes. For these, a twist-lock method is used to both raise and lower the poles.

No matter which flagpole you choose, you will be pleased with the quality of all of our options! If you have any questions about our in-ground flagpoles, please contact us by email or phone at 1-800-989-3524.