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Free Shipping for orders $100 or more (excludes flagpoles). Learn More


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There are many instances where an outdoor flag just won't do, especially if your space doesn't offer an outside area. Our indoor flags are perfectly suited for inside display, but you'll need a flagpole to properly showcase them. Our indoor flagpoles are available in natural wood or oak at 7', 8', 9', or 12'. These poles come in two sections, and once fitted together, will need an ornament for the top. Our available non-military ornament tops include an eagle, ball, spear, crosses, and the Star of David. These are made of metal and ABS plastic, depending on the ornament. The eagle should be placed on a pole with a US flag, the crosses with religious flags, the Star of David with the Israel flag, and the spear or ball with other flags.

For indoor needs that will be used in line with any of the military branches (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy), we also have our guidon staffs. These feature what is called a spearhead finial, which is shaped a bit like a spade. These are the only staffs that can be used with Army flags. Our guidon flagpoles are designed to military specifications, with the spearheads available in chrome or brass. They can also be used in ROTC programs or other locations that need a guidon to be displayed.

One unique offering we have in our indoor flagpoles collection is a kit including all you'd need to properly display an indoor flag or use one in a parade. The solid oak pole can come in 7', 8', or 9' heights with a brass screw joint. You may choose between an eagle or a spear top ornament. Lastly, a gold floor stand and decorative cord and tassel are included in this package. All you'd need to add is the flag! This is a great value.

All of our indoor flagpoles can be fitted into our indoor flag stands which include the folding stand, the 3-way indoor stand, and the Starcast Stand. The 12' flagpole is exclusively in oak and requires our 18 pound Admiral Stand. If you have any questions about our indoor flagpole collection, please contact us for more information.