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Free Shipping for orders $100 or more (excludes flagpoles). Learn More

NASCAR/Racing Flags

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If you're a NASCAR fan, then you're familiar with the various flags used during the race, like start, caution, final lap, and stop. Our collection of racing flags features all seven of these flags available with or without the classic wooden poles. With options like our NASCAR flag set, you can take these flags with you to the next race or give them to a racing fan!

Each of the seven car racing flags—caution, final lap, finish, start, go to pit, stop, and move over— is designed with a canvas pole sleeve which fit our 36" wooden poles. These nylon NASCAR flags are sized at 24"x30" and may be bought individually or as a set. Also in this collection is the iconic black and white checkered flag featuring the NASCAR logo available at 3'x5'. This option doesn't include a pole hem but features two brass grommets for hanging. For needs outside of the standard 24"x30", we offer a checkered flag option that comes in seven sizes! You can also take this classic flag anywhere as a decal or patch.

We offer a few types of NASCAR flag sets that will provide every flag you need. One set is available with or without wooden poles and can come as a smaller desktop set as well. These flags are constructed out of nylon; however, the desktop option is rayon made. Another set is more gift-oriented with its NASCAR branded wooden base, each flag slotted perfectly into it. All of these flags measure 3"x5". At the back of the base are descriptions of each flag's purpose. This offering could be a wonderful present for a young fan just getting into the sport and older ones who have loved it for years.

Can't make it to a race and throwing a party instead? Our checkered pennant string is perfect for a race get-together. These 12"x18" pennants measure 105' long with 48 individual pennants. You may choose the classic black and white checkered look or contact us for another color scheme at no additional charge. These also add charm to young fans' birthday parties, helping create the NASCAR look right in your home.

If you have questions concerning our NASCAR flag collection, please let us know and we'll be happy to assist you.