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Free Shipping for orders $100 or more (excludes flagpoles). Learn More

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Patches are cost-efficient, versatile ways to personalize your items. From t-shirts and hats, to pants and sweaters, you can adhere patches onto many different types of clothing. What better way to decorate your gear than with USA patches? We offer five different colorways in this collection with regular and reversed flag patterns. No matter what your style is, these American patches are always on trend.

Our patches are high-quality accessories that will enhance the look of the clothing you plan to wear or design. Each one measure 2.25”x3.5”, which is the most common size. They’re 100% digitally embroidered to attain fine detail in the stars and stripes. The American patches may be ironed or sewn on depending on your preference. Quality heat-sealed backing allow them to iron on with ease and stay attached for years without coming undone. For a classic look, our gold and silver trimmed USA patches are excellent options. The gold trimmed American patches feature the traditional red, white, and blue flag that can be used on every day and official uniforms. The silver option doesn’t use the white but instead incorporates silver as the bars and stars. Each of these patches also has a reversed style, with the flag pattern faces opposite sides. Adhere these onto clothing and bags for a clean, professional appeal.

If you’re looking for American patches with a military flair, we offer three selections that you’ll love. In black and grey, Army Green, and brown, these patches have a feel totally opposite of the more traditional ones. When sewn or ironed onto shirt sleeves, hats, or backpacks, these statement-making patches look fantastic. They’re great for both everyday people and members of the military. They can even be adhered to hunting gear with the ability to camouflage with browns and greens.

Show your American pride with this collection of USA patches. In five colorways, it’ll be easy to find the option that’ll best suit your needs. When bought in quantities of 25, 50, or 100, your order will qualify for a discount. If you have any questions about our American patches, please contact us by email or phone at 1-800-989-3524.