Culpeper Flag

Culpeper Flag

One of the companies in Patrick Henry's First Virginia Regiment, the Culpepper Minutemen under Colonel Stevens were a fierce-looking group of backwoodsmen who wore "Liberty or Death" emblazoned in red on their hunting shirts. They preferred rifles to muskets, and went into battle with tomahawks and scalping knives. Buy authentic Culpeper Flags. Our historical flags are unsurpassed in quality and authenticity. This Culpeper flag is fully printed and has 2 brass grommets on the left edge used for hanging. NOTE: The 4”x6” size is mounted to a 10” staff with a gold spear top. Also available below is a Vinyl Decal (suitable for outdoor use) as well as an embroidered, iron-on patch.

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Copyright © 2019 Flags Unlimited, Inc, Inc. All rights reserved.