Gonzales Banner of 1835 (Come and Take It) Flag

Gonzales Banner of 1835 (Come and Take It) Flag

The cannon was given to the settlers in Gonzales on March 10, 1831 by the Mexican government to protect themselves from Indian raids. In September of 1835 Mexican Colonel Domingo de Ugartechea, under orders from Mexican president Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, sent five soldiers to Gonzales to retrieve the cannon. The settlers had no intention of surrendering the cannon. To them it was vital for their defense against Indian raids. The Texans arrested the five soldiers when they arrived with demands for the cannon. When news of this reached Col. Ugartechea he dispatched sent 100 men under Lt. Castañeda to capture the cannon. The Texans resisted this order at the Battle of Gonzales. They defeated the small number of Mexican troops and kept their cannon. The cannon later went on to serve as one of the artillery pieces at the Battle of the Alamo. This cannon fought along side these brave men in one of the most important battles in Texas history. 
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