Indoor and Parade Flagpoles

Indoor and Parade Flagpoles

These flagpoles are designed for indoor or parade use. The poles come in 2 sections. The 8' natural color wood pole (SKU# 902709) comes with a ball top and is 1" in diameter. The 7', 8' and 9' dark oak poles are 1.25" in diameter and the 12' oak pole is 1 3/8" in diameter. These oak poles require an ornament, such as a spear, eagle or cross. These ornaments can be purcahsed here.  All of these poles will work with our standard Indoor Flag Stand, the Endura Stand, our Indoor Folding Stand, the beautiful Starcast Stand or our 3-Way Indoor Stand. The exception is the 12' pole with the 1 3/8" diameter, which requires our 18 pound Admiral Stand.

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