Replacement Section For Sectional Pole

Replacement Section For Sectional Pole

These are replacement sections for our 20' Sectional Flagpole. The sections measure approx. 56" in length and are 2" in diameter. Three styles are available, depending on which section you need to replace:

  • Swedged section: Is tapered (swedged) on one end and will replace any section of the pole, other than the top section.
  • Swedged section with screw holes: Is tapered (swedged) on one end and is pre-drilled with 2 holes for the cleat. This is typically the 2nd section section up from the ground.
  • Straight Section: Is NOT tapered (swedged) and is a straight section of aluminum. This is the replacement section for the top of the flagpole.

These pole sections are a direct replacement for our 20' Sectional Flagpoles. If your pole was damaged in some way, this will enable to you to get your pole back in working order! **These sections are sold individually. Picture shown for reference of an entire 5-section flagpole.**

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