South Carolina State Flags

South Carolina State Flag

Flags Unlimited offers the South Carolina flag in several sizes and materials. From 4"x6" up to 12'x18'. Flags are available in durable nylon and strong polyester2 material. We also offer complete indoor flag sets with an 8' pole!

South Carolina became the 8th state to join the union on March 26th, 1776. The year before, Colonel William Moultrie was asked to design a flag for the South Carolina troops to use during the American Revolutionary War. His design had the blue of the militia's uniforms and the crescent. This version of the flag was first seen and flown at Fort Johnson. In 1861, the Palmetto was added, a reference to Moultrie's defense of Sullivan Island; the fortress he'd constructed had survived largely because the palmettos, laid over sand walls, were able to withstand British canons. The South Carolina state flag features a white palmetto tree with a white crescent moon on a field of royal blue.

Copyright © 2020 Flags Unlimited, Inc. All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2020 Flags Unlimited, Inc, Inc. All rights reserved.